How to Hire the Best WordPress Website Developer

Learn How to hire best website developer

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How to Hire the Best WordPress Website Developer

Hiring a Website Developer is a kinky task, since you cannot judge if the developer you are hiring to create you custom WordPress Website is really a pro or not.

So i’ll tell you “Five Secret Techniques” to  judge if you are paying for getting a Worth Result!

Lets start evaluating your WordPress Website Developer Pro:


  1. What niche your WordPress Developer works in this is the first question to be asked to your developer since no one can have expertise in every niche, but can definitely master quite a few niche designs.
  2. Ask your developer for some Sample Website portfolio: Now anyone can show you x number of sites they have made! but the trick is, you need to scroll very bottom f each site your developer has shared and look for Designed By – xxxxx ( Your Developer’s name or  their website url”
    This will verify that the site is designed by the same developer.
  3. Check is your WordPress pro know SEO Optimization!  WHY??
    Well if you are designing a site that can get suspended coz of not following Google Policies and Google Algorithms or Google Ranking Factors – What is the use of that website? You definitely need a well optimized site and not just a dashing glamorous look to flaunt for. Your website should be sound both technically and with an excellent GUI ( Graphic User Interface). SEO Optimized websites convert very well if you have a product or service to sell later on or if its just a blog you want to drive traffic too.
  4. Very Important ! – Does your WordPress design websites from scratch or he works on a pre built theme?
    Yes this is the most important step to check, you definitely do not need a pre built theme – since these themes are being used by many other website owners and your website might look similar to many other sites or assume its a copied design that will not stand out and make your a BRAND! Always make sure your pro is well versed with Designing and Developing Custom Sites, and he can develop a site from a layout you describe him and not just upload a pre built theme. he should be an expert with WordPress Editors like Elementor, Divi Bilder, Beaver, Visual Composer etc. Definately the best is Divi and Elemntor Pro ( You might want spending on purchasing these paid plugins and give it to your developer )
  5. And lastly – Site Speed and Integration
    Make sure your developer knows how to integrate payment options, Contact Forms, Subscribe options, Instagram embedding, social media account integration,  drip feed, install chat plugins, Google Analytics integration and video integration. Once he agrees to all check with him if he able to maintain the Load Speed Time. The load speed is a very rich SEO Factor and you do not want your users to wait more than 3 secs for your website to load once clicked.

    I hope this article helps you in deciding if you are Hiring a WordPress Pro Worth working with and you can take an excellent decision keeping in mind above mentioned points before you hire one.


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