Google Analytics Setup


Google Analytics Setup

This is the most essential code required on your WordPress website, so you can easily track visitors and traffic. We setup your Google Analytics code on each page of your website, so you can easily track important data about your site visitors and traffic-generating keywords. This is a one-time service, minimum time required once you order is 4 hours-24 hours.

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17 reviews for Google Analytics Setup

  1. Jennifer

    Best tool to analyze your website!

  2. Michael

    I like the simplicity of the home page and how it is very quick and easy to see the more important analytics about your website.

  3. David Barn

    Very Quick! and helped us learn how to red our Analytics Data

  4. Ben Rae

    WPFixd SEO checker helped me understand and improve the criteria necessary for good SEO.

  5. Jonathan

    The Data and Services WPFixd Provides is the Best Marketing Intelligence Solution in Digital Market. WPFixd insights are Utilized by hundred of Customers from day to day Operations to Important Strategic decisions at the Senior Business level.

  6. Urgel K.

    The integration of our rich, accurate analytics Data with WPFixd extensive competitive intelligence gives our Customers a complete and authentic view of their Website and Mobile performance – the keystone of an optimized Digital strategy.

  7. Simon Pit

    WPFixd provides a great way to see tangible success of marketing efforts before the form fills and calls come in. It validates our marketing programs and prepares the sales teams for the inbound leads.

  8. Lara Smith

    I would definitely recommend WPFixd to any agency that is wanting to provide some added value in their reporting and give more substance to what they’re providing to their clients. Where Google Analytics has left off, WPFixd takes it to the next level.

  9. Jordie Jane

    “I learn so much every time we talk. The Analytics review helped me look at my traffic in a new way. So many insights! Thank you so much!”

  10. Kathrine John

    We are speechless! Thank you, so very much, We love working with you as well, and we’re glad to have your support!

  11. Leonardo Arteaga

    Great Work !!!

  12. Linda Sam

    “We’re happy with their work.”

  13. Heather Bailey

    “They successfully delivered our project!”

  14. Heather Bailey

    “The level of professionalism these guys put into their work is one thing that I found very much impressive.”

  15. Alex Bolivar

    “They are friendly, highly knowledgable, and go above and beyond.”

  16. Matthew Sedaghat

    “Their designers were able to take the image I had in my mind for the site and turn it into reality.”

  17. JUAN

    “They are very prompt and would immediately fix any issue that we brought to their attention.”

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