Create Database in WordPress From Php my admin

wp php my admin

How to Create Database in WordPress From Php my admin

WordPress Blogging Platform is one of the largest and popular PHP based web application and also uses a database as a backend database.

In this post, we are going to explain to you how to create a database in WordPress from php my admin.


There are two options through which you can create a database in WordPress, one is connecting to MySQL using a web-based graphical user interface such as phpMyAdmin, and another us by using MySQL command line.


When you have made the new WordPress MySQL database and have a user and password to access ensure you read the last segment of this article “Prescribed WordPress Database User Privileges” to ensure that the privileges are assigned to the user.

wp php my admin
wp php my admin

Creating a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin

There are numerous ways of connecting database server to create a new database,  using a web-based graphical user interface such as phpMyAdmin is one of them.


  1. First log in to phpMyAdmin interface, after that click on the Database tab, Put a specific name of the database in the given box- Create new database input file and click on Create button in the last.


WP White Security Tip: Try to avoid predictable database names like blog database or blog do.


Make another username and password to be utilized by WordPress PHP contents to get to the recently created  MySQL database. To do as such explore to the Privileges tab and click on Add a New User.

wp php my admin
wp php my admin


After doing this step, in the add new user page, enter some column including username, host, password, and avoid rest of the entries. If WordPress is going to be installed on a similar server where MySQL is (a common situation) the host ought to be set to Localhost. This implies this client is continually going to associate from a similar PC and solicitations utilizing such accreditations from a remote server will be denied.


WP White Security Tip:  Make sure the password you are going to create should consist of at least 8 characters and make sure the password contains some alphabetical letters, special characters, and numeric characters.


* After the creation of a new user, from the similar Privileges tab click on Edit Privileges for the new user.


*Visit Edit Privileges page and run down to the Database-specific privileges section .

so you can appoint the client benefits just to the new WordPress MySQL database. Select the database starting from the drop menu.


# When the database is chosen, you are diverted to a page from where you can determine the database-explicit benefits.


There is a need to know that, for introducing WordPress it is sheltered to dole out all benefits separated from the Administration Privileges to a client.


Creating a MySQL database for WordPress via Command Line

wp php my admin
wp php my admin


  1. First, you need to connect to the MySQL engine by utilizing mysql –u root –p. If you create a password then you will be able to connect to the MySQL database and prompted with mysql> prompt.


  1. For creating a database, you need to use the CREATE DATABASE command. Here is an example,
  2. if you want to create the database T3stdb123 enter the following:


CREATE DATABASE T3stdb123;         –   (Create Database in WordPress Php my admin)


After the creation of this database, use the command  GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES and create a new user with ALL privileges.

If the database is t3stdb123, then your new user will be the new user and the user’s password will be!Pi4aX_7z? then the command should be;


GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON t3stdb123.* TO “newdbuser”@”localhost” IDENTIFIED BY “!Pi4aX_7z?”;

(Create Database in WordPress Php my admin)

* After doing these two steps, run the command FLUSH PRIVILEGES; so that you can start with new assigned user names.


Recommended WordPress Database Permissions

  • When it comes to WordPress Operation, the  MySQL database user only needs SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE data privileges. It is prescribed
  • to utilize the minimum benefits when running WordPress. Some other benefits, for example, ALTER, CREATE, and DROP is in some cases
  • required during an update or when introducing some plugins which need access to change the database structure. In such a case, you will be encouraged
  • to do such changes by the plugin developer. Whenever you relegate structure related benefits do it ONLY for a transitory period.
  • Create Database in WordPress Php my admin
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