How to change the WordPress admin language?

change WordPress admin language

How to change the WordPress admin language?

Do you want to change your WordPress admin language? Are you looking for detailed information about this topic?

Take a look at this post, we are going to explain to you How to change the WordPress admin language.


The easiest way to change your WordPress language is to customize the settings by utilizing General settings page,

but remember that this setting will change or edit the language for front and back ends of your website.


Log in to your WordPress Admin. Open the menu of Settings and select the option ‘General’.

Look down to the base until you see the Site Language setting. Select the language you’d like to use from the dropdown menu, and click Save Changes to do the switch.


The most effective method to Add a Language to Your WordPress Directory

change WordPress admin language

change WordPress admin language

There are certain WordPress files which are used to add a language a WordPress directory. These language records are created by huge groups of volunteers,

so they’re not generally exceptional. Scroll down until you discover the language you want to install. Ensure it’s good with the form of WordPress you’re utilizing.

You can see which forms the language records are perfect with by survey the Version segment.


Fundamentally, languages marked green are good with the most recent form of WordPress, which your site ought to run. Languages marked orange or red are obsolete.

Ensure you reinforcement your site before introducing these, however, it would be to your greatest advantage to not install them at all.


Make note of the content in the WP Locale section.


Uploading the Language Files to Your Site

Uploading the Language Files

Uploading the Language Files


When it comes to uploading the language files to your site, click on the language that you want to install and click on the download button to download the files.

After this step, extract the ZIP folder and open the WordPress folder inside of it.


Open both Languages folder and wp-content folder. Open your site’s root directory through your host (File Manager in cPanel) or an FTP customer, for example,

FileZilla (PC/Mac) or Cyberduck (Mac). Open the wp-content organizer in your site’s registry, make another envelope within it, and name it “directory”.

Open the folder after the completion of these steps.


Return to the Languages folder you opened on your PC, and transfer

the majority of the .mo and .po documents to the Languages folders you made in your site’s index. Refresh your file manager when you’re set.


Activating the Files in Your wp-config.php File

wp-config.php chnge language

wp-config.php chnge language

Open your website’s wp-config.php file and add the following code-

define (‘WPLANG’, ‘es_MX’);

Change “es_MX” to the code you found in the WP Locale segment for the language you need to utilize. Save the file, and gain revive your file manager.


Different Languages for the Frontend and Backend

If you are searching the ways to add a different language for the frontend and backend of your site then follow the instructions which are, mentioned above.


After completing this, the open wp-content folder of your website followed by the Themes folder and also open the functions.php file inside of it.


In the next step, add the following filter to it-

add_filter(‘locale’, ‘wpse27056_setLocale’);

function wpse27056_setLocale($locale) {

if ( is_admin() ) {

return ‘en_US’;



This process will change the language showed in the WordPress admin to the United States’ version of the English language.

Utilize the language table to find the language that you want to change.    change the WordPress admin language


R3DF Dashboard Language Plugin Installation

change WordPress admin language

change WordPress admin language

change the WordPress admin language

R3DF Dashboard Language Plugin is one of the most popular plugins which allows you to change the Dashboard language to any language that exists in WordPress. This plugin is well-known for its extraordinary feature and performance.


So, open your WordPress dashboard, put R3DF Dashboard Language Plugin in the search box.


Install the plugin and activate the plugin by clicking on the Activate button.


Go to  Settings > Dashboard Language.


The dashboard panel will show you a number of settings, you need to mark all the settings and after that save.


In this page, you can set the language switcher show in the login page, in the Dashboard

Admin Bar, and in the Admin Bar while seeing the site. You can likewise set the default language in every client’s close to home profile.


In detailed, go to > Settings> General > Site Language > Choose a new language and install.

You can see preview the changes after doing these steps.     to .  change the WordPress admin language