How to Install WordPress Plugins- A Perfect Guide for 2020

How to Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins are applications that you can introduce into your WordPress site to add new highlights to it, and furthermore, extend it to perform increasingly complex functions.

Not familiar with how to install WordPress Plugins on your website? Basically, WordPress comes with fundamental features you need, to get your website online and plugins give you the easiest yet a non-coding way to install an integrate any feature possible in 2020 on your website, without having someone else to code for you.

We will tell you all today, How to Install a Plugin on, and Third-Party Hosting platforms, if you do not have a hosting or have not subscribed to any plans on You can do it yourself, or take our WordPress Experts help to make it easy and quick.

Most of the people know, the web operates by dialects called code. Tragically, a major part of the population doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to talk code.

On the off chance that we do know some code, it’s commonly insufficient to truly do any progressed and confounded things with our sites.

Additionally, the WordPress content administration framework is simply the stage your site is made from. It isn’t exceptionally best in class and doesn’t offer a great deal of functionality without anyone else’s input.

To build this functionality you can either compose your own code or discover another person to do it for you.

Fundamentally, plugins are intended to fill this information hole and enable us to enhance our site, increase its functionality, and better our client experience.

There are so many benefits of the installation of plugins as you can add what you want on your website in addition to your theme.

Each plugin has a different significance and function, you need to get familiar with those functions.

Most of the people are not familiar about How to install WordPress Plugins- A Complete Guide, here you can learn how to install plugins in WordPress.

Let’s take a look at the brief explanation of plugins available on WordPress platform.

Free Plugins are found on WordPress theme directly and free for the public.

Premium or Paid Plugins are the plugins you need to pay, these plugins are not available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Maybe the trials are included, but you need to upgrade to Premium or Paid plans on their respective websites to get all the features.

When we talk about custom plugins, these plugins are important and plays a vital role in the fast growth of a business. If you want to add some extraordinary feature in your website, you can add a custom plugins to fulfill your need.

Is Installation of Plugins in Possible?

Installation of plugins are applicable to users on sites but if you have then installation of a plugin is not possible unless you go for a business plan.

Even then, there are some boundaries on the installation of plugins as some plugins are not flexible with the platform of

How to install a plugin from the WordPress admin dashboard?

Visit your WordPress admin dashboard, click on plugins, and then again click on Add New.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

At the right corner, you will see a search box which is called Search Plugin text box, type the name of the plugin you want to install.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

In the next step, locate the Install Now button and click on the button- Install the Plugin.

After clicking on the button, it will change from Install Now to Activate.

Click on the button-Activate. You can see your installed plugin in the Plugins page.

How to install a plugin in your admin dashboard by using the upload function ?

In the first step, download the plugin you want after that go to your dashboard, Select Plugins and click on Add New Button.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

In this page, click on the Upload Plugin.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

Now, after doing this, you need to choose a file to select your plugin.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

After the selecting the file from your computer, click on Install Now.

This process will take some time and after the completion of this process of installation, You will see Activate plugin button.

Click on that button to activate your plugin.

How to install WordPress Plugins Manually by using FTP?

You can get to your site files utilizing FTP, and upload/install your plugins straightforwardly with our FTP strategy. Here’s the guideline.

Download the plugins .zip file of the plugin to your PC and Run or Install it on your computer.

Access your facilitated site utilizing an FTP customer. In this instructional exercise, we are utilizing FileZilla to transfer a plugin named Featured Video Plus.

On the left half of FileZilla, look through the folders on your PC to find the folder containing your new (removed) module envelope. For this situation, it is in the Downloads folder.

On the right side, open a folder named “Public_html”.

How to install WordPress Plugins Manually by using FTP

Click double on WP – content folder and open it.

How to install WordPress Plugins Manually by using FTP

After that double click on Plugins folders and stays in this same folder.

How to install WordPress Plugins Manually by using FTP

Next, right snap on the separated plugin folder in your nearby site on the left and select upload plugin using FTP.

In the final step, you need to go to WordPress Dashboard>Plugins>Installed Plugins and after locating, activate it.

These are the three effective ways through which you can learn- How to Install WordPress Plugins.

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