How to fix WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

How to fix WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error is the most common error in WordPress. Today, people are searching for the solutions to fix 500 Internal Server Error.

To utilize the majority of the solutions in this particular segment, you would need to get to your site records utilizing a file transfer protocol. This FTP video control demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to get to your documents utilizing FileZilla FTP Client.

Make sure you have all your Cpanel details, if you don’t, then contact web hosta and ask for details.

Check .htaccess for errors

.htaccess is a short form of Hypertext Access and is a configuration file utilized by Apache-based web servers that control the registry that it “lives” in- – and in addition every one of the subdirectories underneath that index. Likewise makes Custom Error Pages for Better SEO.

It is not sure that this is the source of your issue but to check if you need to disable it and view whether your website loads normally or not. In FileZilla, find the organizer that contains your WordPress documents. This envelope is normally public_html. Double tap to open it.

It is important to make a note of this thing that if your site is situated on your fundamental domain (, your records will be situated in public_html. On the off chance that your website is on a sub-domain ( you would see a folder named after your subdomain which would contain your WordPress documents.

After this, search .htaccess file, do a right click and select Rename and change or update the name so that the server cannot read it.

Reload the site, If it works, it implies that the source of the error was a degenerate .htaccess document.

In the next step, create a new file of .htaccess. Log in to your WordPress admin, go to settings, view permalinks. Without doing anything just scroll down and click on Save Changes then you will see a new .htaccess file.

Increase PHP Memory Limit

How to fix WordPress 500 Internal Error

The fundamental cause for this issue is that the PHP memory limit of your host is lesser than the actual limit. In such cases, you should expand your host memory limit, with the goal that the procedure gets finished.

In FileZilla, open your file folder then search “wp-config.php” file. Click right and select View/Edit option.

Scroll down that page and find this line- “/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */”. after finding this paste this code define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’); above that line. Save the changes you made. close the file. When you will receive the notification of uploading a file then click on Yes. Try to reload your website again to see whether the issue is fixed or not.

How to fix WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

Apart from finding the solutions, it is also important to find the reason for this issue. The reason is, the PHP memory limit is set up to keep contents from taking excessively memory, so, if you are running into memory issues, it implies one of your plugin or subject (or core files) is causing the issue and in this case, you need to find out.

Here are three solutions that can help you to fix this issue.

Disable current theme

It happens sometimes that the issue or error can be in your recent active theme. You can fix this error by changing your current theme.

Disable plugins

If you are not able to fix this issue by other solutions then you can disable your plugins, if a plugin is a cause. Here are the guidelines on how to disable plugins using FTP

Without access to your admin dashboard, this offers you a simple procedure. You can disable WordPress plugins manually by accessing your documents and if for sure one of the plugins is the reason for your issue, that would reestablish your site to full capacity. You can get more information on “How to fix WordPress 500 Internal Server Error 2019” by visiting our website.

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