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How to fix common WordPress errors and issues 2019?

WordPress is a wide and excellent site stage for an assortment of sites. From blogging to
internet business to business and portfolio sites, WordPress is a flexible CMS.

You can build various types of websites with WordPress. Here are some examples- Business, News, Music,
Blog, E-commerce etc. Although numerous issues appear to be alarming particularly when
originally first time experience and the solutions are generally a few away.

So, in this post, we will discuss the most common WordPress issues and how we can fix them.



Common WordPress Errors

● When WordPress not sending emails
● 500 Internal server error
● 404 error
● Image uploading problems
● The issue of email notification

1. WordPress not sending emails

WordPress not sending emails

A situation of WordPress not sending messages may incorporate an accommodation to a
contact frame that you never receive or another notification of plugin. This could likewise apply
to WooCommerce not sending messages from ongoing deals or client request or inquiries.
This issue is not related to the server but related to the installation process. To fix this issue, you
can install a Gmail SMTP Plugin.

Utilizing a free Gmail account, take note of that you would
have a day by day limit of 500 emails (which gives you 15,000 emails for every month). This
ought to be alright for most regular users. There are many options that you can choose to fix WordPress not Sending Email Issue.

2. 500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error
When we talk about fixing most common WordPress errors, 500 internal server error is the most occurring error in WordPress. This error happens constantly, and hence, it is extremely baffling. This isn’t a WordPress – explicit error and it can occur on any site, for various diverse reasons.

If you are doing the backup process regularly then you ought to be a great idea to continue. Else, we recommend you perform manual WordPress backups of your records and database now.

There are solutions to fix this internal server error and the solutions are including

  • Disable current theme
  • Disable plugins
  • Increase the limit of PHP memory
  • Contact with hosting provider
  • Check .htaccess for errors

3. 404 Error

404 error is the most common occurring error. If you want more visitors to your website again
then you need to remove this error because most of the people quit from the existing site if they
face 404 error while visiting.

It means this error will increase the bounce rate which is not good for your website.

4. Image uploading Problems

Problems related to image uploading is also common and these problems in WordPress is that
many different things can cause this error.

If you can’t transfer pictures in WordPress, you need to know what is making the issue and how
to settle it. WordPress picture transfer mistakes can start out of the blue, or now and again after
you make changes to your site.

In any case, it requires some push to discover why WordPress can’t transfer pictures and to determine it.

The solutions to fixing this error are-
● When you can’t upload any file

First, resize the image and then rename the image

● When you are facing file size errors

Increasing the maximum size of the file
● When you cannot upload any picture from folders
Change files permissions for upload folder
● When HTTP error occurs

Set the processor of the image to use one thread

Increase the word limit of memory
The other solutions are- You can use browser uploader, you can disable the plugins, and you
can clear the cache if you have a cache plugin.


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