How To Install A WordPress Theme- 3 Different Methods

In today’s digital world, most of the person have online business thus have a business WordPress Website. Do you want to know? How To Install A WordPress Theme- 3 Different Methods? If yes, then take a look here.

When it comes to the view of your website, it is important to choose the best WordPress theme because through a beautiful and unique theme you can modify the look of your website.

It is true that you can redesign your website by installing a new theme on WordPress.

An important thing that you should do before installing a new theme, always do a backup of your website, as this is one of the alternatives if something goes unplanned.

In this article, we are going to give you three different ways- how to install a WP theme. Learn this step by step.

3 Ways of Installing WP Theme

  • to Install a theme from the official WordPress Directory
  • After that Install a theme from a file
  • +Install the theme by using FTP

# Install Theme From the Official WordPress Directory

If you are a beginner on WordPress and are looking to construct your website, installing the theme directly from the official WordPress directory is the best way.

install wordpress

Since you are simply starting on, introducing a free theme is an amazing alternative. That way, you will get the chance to investigate the alternatives (yet additionally confinements) of free themes, and you will become acquainted with WordPress more.

All that will enable you to comprehend what you need from, and for your site, which will make acquiring a top-notch theme significantly less demanding.

Furthermore, who knows, you may choose a free topic adequate, which will save your money.


Login to your admin dashboard, click on Appearance option and you will get theme option.

You will see all the installed themes there. If you want to find a new theme, click on Add New.

After clicking on Add New, various categories of themes cones such as Featured, Popular, and Latest. Choose your desired theme.

The Featured filter choice is intriguing, particularly in the event that you are hoping to discover a theme for a particular purpose, suppose a blog. Simply check the classifications you need, and it will limit indexed lists, indicating you precisely what best suits your new site.

In the next step, check the view of your theme, Click on the install button if you are satisfied with your theme.

Presently, in the Appearance/Themes option, you should see your recently installed theme.  You can see you the entire theme by clicking on “Live preview”.

That will stack the theme of your site, demonstrating to you how the new theme will look. In the event that you need to utilize it currently, click on the “Activate and Publish” catch in the upper left corner.

All is done. Now your theme is ready for use. Go to Appearance> Themes option if you want to customize it.

# Install a theme from a file


Installing a WordPress theme from a Zip File is not a difficult task, but you should find and download the time you want outside the WordPress dashboard, that is why this is a little riskier process.

Before doing this make sure the theme you are going to choose is safe and updated for the latest version of WordPress.

Here are the steps of installing a theme from a downloaded file.

– Go to Appearance option and select the Themes the option.

go to the “Add New” button.

after that Choose Upload Themes.
browse your file by clicking on “Choose File”. After the loading click on “Install Now”.

# Install a theme manually through FTP

This method is best for advanced users. If you are a beginner, don ‘t go for this.

If you are one of the advanced users then read the steps of How to install a theme by using FTP.

To install a WordPress theme by means of FTP (File Transfer Protocol), you need an FTP program on your PC. We suggest FileZilla since it is free and carries out the responsibility, however you can pick some other you choose. Take a look- how to utilize FTP in our guide.

Additionally, you have to download the theme of zip files.  Ensure you download a trusted and updated theme.

Next,  unzip your folder with the theme. After the completion of this procedure, you will see a  folder with its name.

After that upload, the folder using FTP, Go to wp-content folder and then go to themes, upload the theme folder.

All is done, waiting for the theme to activate it. You can also customize it like other themes.



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