How to Fix “err too many redirects” Error In WordPress

Clear browsing data to fix "Err Too Many Redirects” issue

How to Fix “err too many redirects” Error In WordPress

Err Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress is one of the most common errors in WordPress in which your browser says “I do not know where you want to go”. If you are not able to access your site it simply means some parts of the website or entire website cannot be accessible to you and visitors. But you will be glad to hear that this error can be fixed. First, let’s take a look at what causes this error in WordPress Sites. After that, we will discuss how to fix “Err Too Many Redirects” in WordPress.

What causes this error in WordPress?

Redirects are exceptionally helpful to web develops for making a site page accessible on an alternate URL. In the event that you have a point of arrival about exotic vehicles, and, make another comparative, however better page, you can choose to redirect individuals from the previous page to the new one.

This is important for SEO purpose and for the experience of the user. This error generally happens due to a misconfigured redirection issue. As you realize that WordPress has SEO amicable URL Structure which utilizes the redirect work. A few other famous WordPress plugins additionally utilize the redirect usefulness.

For instance, Wthe WordPress SEO plugin enables you to expel base of category from the classification of URLs by redirecting clients to a URL without a category base.  Cache plugins and WordPress SSL additionally use redirects.

The presentation of this error is different in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How to fix it?

Fix Cookies and caches

This error can be related to Caches and Cookies so this is a good place to start.

Clear Cache and Cookies

It is true that clear cache and cookies are very simple as you can do it in one minute but it could be a great solution to fix “Err Too Many Redirects” issue. If you want to do this in Chrome then click on Menu and select Settings option.

After scrolling down, find Privacy and Security then find ” Clear browsing data” and click on it. Select the duration and then click on Clear data.

How to Fix “err too many redirects” Error In WordPress

Clear WordPress Cache

If you have a cache plugin in your WordPress then you should try to clear WordPress cache.

But to do this search Google for the particular instructions of this procedure and go to the option “Clear WP cache”. Reload your website to check whether the issue is fixed or not.

How to Fix “err too many redirects” Error In WordPress


You will see two URL Settings: WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL.

These URLs are the same in most of the cases. Check these URLs properly to ensure the URL’s doesn’t contain any error, for example, a backlash at the end, extra full-stop etc.

And if the URLs contain www, in starting then remove it and reload the site.


Main two points to check

  • The first and important thing that you should check is either both URLs have www. or no one has.
  • Secondly, if the URLs contains protocol (HTTPS), convert it into (HTTP) and check whether the issue is fixed or not. If it does, your SSL should be set up appropriately before you can return to utilizing a protected convention.


Edit URL when you cannot access your dashboard

Sometimes, the redirect issue may keep you from getting to your dashboard. If this occurs then you should change the URL by editing the wp-config file.

To do this, get to your site documents utilizing FTP.

Whenever associated, open the folder which contains your WordPress records. In this folder, find your wp-config.php document, right tap on it, and click View/Edit.

How to Fix “err too many redirects” Error In WordPress

Add these codes to the file-



Save this and click on Yes option to upload the edited file.

Again, reload the site to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Reset .htaccess file

.htaccess is a file in Apache server utilized for controlling the server settings, including redirect settings.

An issue in .htaccess may subsequently cause the too many redirects issue in WordPress. To check if this is your issue, you have to reset your .htaccess document.

To do this, get to your site documents utilizing FTP. Whenever associated, find the organizer containing your WordPress records, and in this document, discover your .htaccess document.

To start with, download this record as a backup. Next, for editing, right-click. Clean the extra content of the .htaccess record and change it with a default config (get the config here).

Save the changes and upload this file to your server. After uploading it, refresh your site to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Fix Plugin Issues

If you have any redirection plugin in your site then you should disable it.

After doing this, you will get to know the issue is fixed. But if this practice did not fix the issue, then you have to disable all plugins in your site by selecting all and by clicking on deactivating bulk action.

Do a backup for your .htaccess file and delete it. Now view your site, if it works properly that means the problem was related to the plugin.

Next, You would then be able to proceed to activate your plugin in a steady progression until the issue reoccur. Thus, you can observe and identify the plugin which causes this issue.


Disable Plugins without access to your WordPress dashboard

In this case, you can easily disable your plugins manually. You can get the proper guidance on How to Disable WordPress Plugins Using FTP.

Contact your Webhost

If your issue is not fixed by doing all the above steps then you should contact your web host. They are familiar with each and everything related to your website and also knows how to fix the redirect issue in your WordPress.

Regardless of whether they haven’t made an ongoing change, they would have the capacity to distinguish and take care of the issue for you if it is from their end.

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