Why Lifetime WP Hosting & Support- A Complete Guide

Why Lifetime WP Hosting & Support

In this digital world, everything is internet-based whether it is a local business or business at the worldwide level and most of the businesses have an excellent online presence. Here you can learn Why Lifetime WP Hosting & Support.

Most of the WordPress hosts are selling only server space without any WordPress support, in spite of the fact that they continue taking credits of conveying better assets for WordPress.

As far as WordPress application establishment, not many hosts could give genuine experts to support their customers.

More often than not, facilitating organizations have Linux or Windows server engineers without even the wears and tears of the learning base of WordPress development.

When we talk about site back up, it is another one of the burning issues which occurs when a customer needs a backup of the site.

In any case, a large portion of the cases, because of the absence of WordPress experts in the facilitating organization, the hosts couldn’t give the reinforcement and the client winds up losing the majority of his contents, even in the wake of paying the majority of the charges.

Another essential fact which is important to know that may appear to be all Greek to the customers is that there is nothing named as unlimited space. A WordPress site of 10 to 50 pages does not require more than 250mb, yet they continue for unlimited space that isn’t required in any way.

Things would cut a sorrier figure and the situation could even deteriorate if the site is down a result of data transfer capacity issues. A server specialist will charge around $250 to $500, which may turn into a substantial weight for the site owner. Since a running site with business going on before long couldn’t bear the cost of a vacant site, the site owner needs to pay the substantial hauls and it regularly appears to be a bolt from the sky.

According to a client’s opinion, the cost of one business email is $3/month and cost of single hosting could be $50 to $500, which is irrelevant.

It is also a fact that clients don’t have any technical knowledge, due to this hosting providers charges heavy fee even for a small change in the content.

To give our customers a reasonable and square arrangement that may achieve their business above load up, on-time and without spending much, we have come up with a selective arrangement where the clients can invest as much time as they need on their organizations, while we will deal with the specialized backings, hosting and emails.

If you want to create a robust website then you can also hire an experienced WordPress Website Developer.

Why Lifetime Hosting?

Why WP Hosting & Support? Here are the reasons for this question. Let us take a look.

  • Faster loading websites
  • Hosting forever only in one pay
  • Signups are risk-free
  • Auto-Scaling Storage – consequently increment space if necessary.
  • Auto-Scaling Bandwidth – Will consequently build data transfer capacity if necessary.
  • C-board (FTP, PHPMyAdmin and Other C-board Features)
  • Boundless Support for WordPress Integrations like Mailchimp, CRM, Invoice, Telephony, Payment Gateway, Chat or whatever else.
  • 24×7 Phone/Chat Support for Hosting Issues.
  • 24×7 Phone/Chat Support for WordPress Technical Issues.
  • There is no extra charge for Backup
  • Free Virus Scan.
  • Free Speed Optimization is available.
  • 10 Business Email ( 5 GB Each) – You can get Free for Lifetime.
  • Admin rights for C -Panel, and WordPress.
  • You can get access to 1,000s of free themes and various plugins.
  • You can migrate your website with no extra price.
  • You can implement new functions on your website.
  • The free video tutorial is available for you.
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